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Transportation In Guadalajara

February 2, 2013 in News Tags: , , ,

PUBLIC transport in GUADALAJARA Toda city must have several factors that meet its inhabitants to be a habitable place such as entertainment, recreation establishments establishments, establishments of education among others regardless of the fact that no where live and other needs of the inhabitants of this place. Guadalajara, is a very important city within Mexico and is considered to be the second or third largest city in our country, and as such meets most of the requirements that a city must have to be livable but unfortunately lack of something that is of utmost importance within one city and that are public means of transport. The best-known as a means of transport is automobile but that Guadalajara have not any problem because he is known that they are added approximately 300 cars a day on the road from Guadalajara creating the traffic factor. Every day the traffic becomes more and heavier then turns into a walk to wheel back creating conflict within the movement of the city. Despite the amount of cars that are daily in Guadalajara, there are many people who don’t have cars and there is where you enter the public transport. Within the means of public transport are already known trucks and urban transport within which are located the SYT (services and transport of Jalisco A.C.) which has 31 routes, of the Sistecozome company who are 87, of the Alliance of the truckers of Jalisco with 66 routes and routes Tutsa with 9 routes; Sistecozome for its part, has 48 trolleybus or electric buses that go into circulation and are three routes covering the route 400 or Par Vial, 500 route and route 200. Trolleybuses and trucks are the means of transport used in Guadalajara because of the lack of efficiency of the subway or light rail because it has only 2 lines that cover very little to what the city needs.

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