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Tom Morris

July 30, 2019 in News Tags:

They see things and say why of things. Winners say: why not? Few accepted the post of own victory, the majority gives up dreams when these become possible. The first symptom that we are killing our dreams is the lack of time. Most busy people have time for everything. Them that do nothing, are always tired. We never have time to do directly. But always have time to do it again I had the dream that one day my four children would live in a nation where they would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. When Martin Luther King Jr.

handed down these words in his famous speech, he obviously found great resistance in the bosom of a conservative and racist society that is still prejudiced. His subversive thought, meanwhile, found allies. King did not live to see the effects of their actions. But the time was commissioned to realize their dreams. Yes, still, not the equality, unless the opportunity. Provided that you teach, teach also doubting what he teaches we don’t need to know or how, or where, but there is a question that all have to ask ourselves when we started a thing: for what I have to do this? Returning to the beginning of this text, you; driving or conducted / or? He chose or they chose their profession? Between hit and Miss always there is room for major errors.

Life is not always based in the responses we received, but also in the questions we ask. I, personally, to review my life, feel that I’ve always been in a run of obstacles, I being the greatest of all. According to Tom Morris, the great key to satisfaction is something that almost always escapes us. It is not get what we want, but if you want what we got. All glory is the result of daring. The audacity of trying to always be better. It is not an easy task, because there is always a peel of banana on the floor, waiting for a tragedy. And the shadows are always black, even that of a Swan. But I hope to reflect repeatedly about what dreams, future, goals we talked here permanently correcting the path and bathing in the permanent waters of change happy who understands that it is necessary to change much to always be the same.

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