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September 1, 2019 in News Tags:

In the conception of Wallerstein (1990, P. 91), ' ' you discipline them are intellectually coherent object groupings of different studies between si' ' , what it sends in them to the concept positivista of science that is unaware of the influence of the social processes in its construction, that is, appears as a pure activity of the thought and in accordance with conception of a pedagogia to discipline, specialized, fragmented and reproductive of the social relations. Thus, the model of school considered for the public rhetoric of the end of century XIX, only served to confirm iluministas myths, interpreting the world by means of scientific speeches formed inside of professional communities and leading the man to a release of the limits of the nature, route to a more progressive social world. In the decade of 1970, in special in Brazil, the interdisciplinaridade emerges to answer to the crisis of sciences and to proclaim a new rationality human being in the production of knowledge, good as to answer to the paradigmtica crisis of the education institutionalized for the school. In our society contemporary, we are still ahead of this school that it functions as the model of fragmented production and capitalist and it is not possible to ignore the deep transformations that the industrial world of the capital it operated in the world of Literature and its consequences in relation to its aesthetic consumption, but also she is necessary not collecting in them to the idea of that Literature if degraded ahead of the capitalist cold logical and to discredit that one or more texts can contribute so that the man discovers its capacity to relate ideas, to make its connections and, mainly, for more paradoxical than this it comes to be, so that the man, inserted in the material market, perceives, by means of proportionate the cumulative process of knowledge for the intertextualidade, its proper humanity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Frank Armijo.

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