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The Thought

July 14, 2012 in News Tags:

Hiprbole? It is looked in the mirror, and speaks that you do not want a money to retouch this mouth that you judge pie. We are flock, all branquinhos, equal, dresses more or less in the same way (notice this), and using the same perfume (they do not find) , By the way funny, also we turn merchandise. Things between the things, saying in them philosophical. Now, we, the human beings, have the capacity to exceed, to go beyond what he is only perceivable for half empiricist, product of the directions and the experience. ' ' Please, are not only scrumbled the empirical beings, exactly because? it swims guarantees that the sun will be born amanh' '.

I add beings that we daily divide in them for the external sensations that we receive, and for the thoughts. We always transit in that it is our existencial dualidade, one will have allowed the use of such concept, because, has of if to fear when something is said dual in our society, this because it is come close very with the bipolarity idea (dual question), and nobody that to be sick, wants? The paper follows thus the assay that if it intended, to present the pertinent problems of the means of production, it conceptual materialism of Marx, the division it sexual work and, of our society, as well as to say of the wages and profit. Above of other nevrlgicos points and technician, the written assay is one appeals the difference necessary of that we must start to look at the reality, and to look at is different to see. To look at demands trifling detail, detail. He does not serve, then, displayed here, as soon-aid for the life and idea of nobody, if it is crutch, is only conceptually. The assay asks for the freedom of a conscientious action, that if disconnect the thought alive television and if with the proper head.

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