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August 19, 2018 in News Tags:

It is the focal point of the information, in it converges to the information that it later it will have to process and to divulge all for the remain of the team. The management of projects becomes, to each day, vital for the reach of success in the implementation of initiatives of the organizations. Its bigger objective is reflected in the necessity to manage projects that take care of the strategical objectives of the organization, that they add value and that they result in the considered benefits. The management of projects is carried through by means of the adoption of standardized methodology and tools of support. This application if has shown to important factor in the reach of effective results of the projects in terms of target control, planned time and costs, assuring the delivery of products and services of quality to the customer. All effort to implant the culture of management of projects, to construct a proper methodology, to draw processes, to train the professionals, to implant tools and to structuralize the companies will not be recognized for the high administration if not to contribute for the organizacionais results. This occurs for a very simple reason: the managers they had been placed in the position where they are accurately for this, that is, to produce the profits waited for the controllers.

The context of the private companies these results if translate the increase of value for the shareholders directly, what it occurs of course from good economic-financial results and of the future perspective of value aggregation. 4.2 What it is a Project? A project appears in reply to a problem concrete. To elaborate a project are, before any thing, to contribute for the solution of problems, transforming ideas into action. The called document project is the result gotten to if ' ' projetar' ' in the paper everything what it is necessary for the development of a set of activities to be executed: which are the objectives, that half will be searched for atingiz them, which resources will be necessary, where will be gotten and as the results will be evaluated.

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