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June 25, 2012 in News Tags:

We have also beyond the presence of a cultural imposition, the economic imposition, is clearly that this would have that to occur at any time, however to those inhabitants of that one vilarejo it was imposed in fast way and that generated a great socioeconmico impact. The narrator in the sample a part of this economic impact when he says in them that now it needs to pay more expensive, for a thing who possesss little content, being that before it paid in product accessible price the same and with more content (p.42). The intention of the occidental people is to implant the possible fastest reunificao, and therefore they make this party, to socialize the people who live of the other side of the wall, as if those people were not socialized. The cultural imposition is so great that the narrator express this event in diverse occasions and, whenever possible, when for example says that the shelves of the markets are full of products that come of the other side (p.66), it in say this soon to them after a long relief stop in saying that all the food that is being arduously produced for the eastern peasants it is being play to the pigs, that is the work to them of them are being devaluated for the capitalist world, and that the food that now is apodrecendo not apodrecia when the economy was designed (p.65) This cultural imposition soon occurred after the fall of the wall, therefore the people of the eastern side of the country modernities, the people and the culture did not have access that at the time was universal, them lived rustically as peasants and the determined information did not have access, therefore, the access to these information many times cost them the freedom. In page 72 the narrator says in them that the occidental people do not stop to make calculations for showing to them that in everything in the side occidental person is cheaper and better. .

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