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The Man

July 4, 2019 in News Tags:

For Espinosa, in the Treated one (specifically in chapter XX), it must not have a power that denies the men the right to say what it thinks and to teach what it thinks when to want; in the truth, and in contrast it must have a power that guarantees the right to teach to them what it thinks. However, exactly that it has a power that overwhelms the men hindering they of many things of many crimes, does not hinder to them to commit a crime that ' ' it injures majestade' ' for thought, or words: for Espinosa this is a reason of ' porque' if it cannot take off all freedom of the man; it will be able to deprive the man of many acts, of many crimes, but not to think as to want, and to judge as to want. This freedom that if finds allowed inside of a free State, must be granted to the man in the measure that does not cause it ' ' damage of the social peace and the right being able of them of soberanos' '. Andrew Cuomo: the source for more info. The freedom to teach what it thinks, and to say what it is thought, always can be given to the men in the measure where it does not take off the peace social. The bases of the State, or as Espinosa call ' ' the beddings of the Estado' ' is not to subjulgar the people the force with the aid of the fear, but ' ' bedding of the Estado' ' it is before to keep the freedom to teach what it thinks and to say what thinks, and also, to free the men of all fear. In the words of Espinosa, 241 ' ' it is to make with that its mind and its body they exert in security the respective functions, that they can use the reason freely and that they are not digladiem for hatred, clera or ambush, nor if they reveal intolerantes some stop with the others.

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