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June 19, 2013 in News

That is to say that, although in principle they titled as organizations without non-profit are private associations. Nobody can compel an employer to join a private organization to be able to label their products with a barcode. Is there any way to avoid the association with GS1 in perpetuity? Yes, of course. When GS1 was formed in 2002, he became from the defunct American organization UCC which assigned numbers UPC in USA. A few companies that were part of UCC saw recognized in the courts their rights over their banks of numbers, obtaining permission to trade with them and, therefore prohibiting GS1 to assign them. These banks of numbers are those sold by units. They are fully recognized by UPC and EAN system, have no expiration date and are fully accepted in any store for any country in the world. Not saying every year are sold by the thousands to small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from around the globe who only need to tag a few products and avoiding, thus, keep with your money and in perpetuity the largest monopoly that is known in the developed world, by the way, before the passivity of American politicians who have the most advanced worldwide antitrust laws.

There are a few companies around the world and in Spain for some years has been giving this service the shop of bars ( Some numbers. AECOC in Spain has almost 30,000 members. 190 EUR per year by each partner, exits, a fortune. That, incidentally, you must pose them a problem, by law, they cannot give benefits at year end.

This brings as consequence the Organization of events for everything high come or not to tell, as, for example, the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of AECOC which was attended by the cream of the business class Spanish. The most prominent part (without pay) of the Board of Directors. The ignorance of the salaries of executives of AECOC and in general, ignorance of what they spend those who work in AECOC as non-supervision of an Excel worksheet with 30,000 rows is What has allowed this state of affairs in which a voluntary and private organization appears (by the custom and inertia) in the eyes of all as if it were official and compulsory. And it is not. Original author and source of the article

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