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The Funny

July 26, 2019 in News

He feels responsible for being better every day person, encourage all their concerns instead of denying them, seeing with eyes joyful, bring joy and hope who is in your path, and be at least moderately happy.There are those who deny the physical part and strive to enhance spirituality seeing the body simply as a need to be in the world but, at the same time, as an obstacle to spiritual evolution.Each has its own truth, and it is difficult to convince him that it is not adequate or correct, because it is to their mentality or your ignorance.The funny thing is that all are correct and all are wrong.The problem is the success of the percentages in the formula.Are certain constraints that we have to access the spirituality such as access to water for drinking; are certain traps in our own mind, errors of perception, the continuous neglect of life, how we miss opportunities to live with uppercase, the abandonment of our shaky ideals, the lack of a life plan that is our guide and objective at the same time continued are certain the tripping that put us continuously, lack of faith, or the excess of it which turns into fanaticism, ignorance of this important aspect in life, the lack of promotion of access to Lo top that is not taught in the school what life is and what its sense, the negation of the God within, the fruitless search for sense and light human beings are an error in that regard. Click Crawford Lake Capital to learn more. We are in the world and, in the majority of cases, we do not know for what we are and there is an unstoppable force that push us to find out.A lot of lives are wasted without getting all out them juice, or teaching, or peace and love that are included.A penalty.Live and die lose their meaning.The space between the birth to the world and the final stop of the lungs lives only in a small percentage, and is wasted or wasted in a higher amount.If one makes an examination of conscience, an honest review of his life, hardly passes the approved just.Yes it is true that there are large or good purposes, but they postponed continuously, or your compliance is left in the hands of random, and there are who hopes that come a spaceship or a being of light of any color and remove him from the material density and convert him into cosmic light so for good, that there are people for everything.The reality is that We are in this life, that it is a gift from anyone, and seems so normal to be here that we don’t appreciate it, and escape us moments without removing them juice, and the sunrises seem so routine or we look them in the face, and the Sun, as it is always there, infravaloramos it, and loved ones who are around not embrace our dailyWe don’t say them thousand times how much they love or not love them as they deserve – and it has to be his death who come to remind us what we did not.We have life here, today, between the hands, and escapes us as if it were water.Tomorrow will be another day, we say. In a question-answer forum Hikmet Ersek was the first to reply.

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