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December 5, 2013 in News Tags: , , , ,

Past, present and future as mentioned above, the key concept to understand when working with Gann angles is that the past, the present and the future exist all at the same time, in the angles.Having said that, the Gann angle can be used to predict support and resistance, the strength of the direction and the time of top and bottom. Gann angles provide support and resistance using an angle of Gann to predict support and resistance is probably the most popular form used.Once the analyst determines the period of time that he or she will be with the trade (monthly, weekly, daily) and properly scales the chart, the operator simply draws three main Gann angles: 1 X 2, 1 X 1 and 2 X 1 of the main peaks and the Fund.This technique falls market, allowing that the analyst read the movement of the market within this framework. Uptrending angles provide support and angles downtrending provide resistance.Since the analyst knows that the angle is in the letter, he or she is able to determine whether buy or sell in support of the resistance. Operators must also take into account how the market is turned at an angle to another.This is known as the rule from all angles.This rule States that when the market breaks a point of view, it moves to the next. Another way to determine support and resistance is the combination of horizontal lines and angles.For example, often a Gann angle downtrending crosses 50% recoil level.This combination continued, will create a key resistance point.The same can be said of uptrending crossing angles a level of 50%.This area becomes a key support point.If you have a long-term chart, sometimes are many angles of clustering at or near the same price.These are called groupings of prices.Greater angles concentration in an area, the most important is the support or resistance.(For related reading, see identify support and resistance in a chart.) Gann angles determine the strength and?weakness main Gann angles are the 1 X 2, 1 X 1 and 2 X 1 of the.1 X 2 means that the angle is moving a unit of price for every two units of time.1 X 1 is moving a unit price with a unit of time.Finally, the 2 X 1 moves two units of price with a unit of time.Using the same formula, the angles can also be 1 X 8, 1 X 4, 4 X 1 and 8 X 1.

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