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The Form

November 29, 2013 in News Tags:

The joint (conversion of the tacit knowledge in explicit) and the internalizao (use of this explicit knowledge stops to extend the proper tacit knowledge) they are the critical steps in this spiral of knowledge. The reason of this is that both require the active envolvement of the person? that is, personal comprometimento. To convert tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge means to find a form to express the inexpressvel. Unhappyly, one of the more powerful managemental tools for this frequently is forgotten: the storage of figurative language and symbolisms that the controlling can get from the joint of its intuitions and ideas. The metaphor goes off the process of creation of the knowledge, it is not capable to complete it alone. While the metaphor generally is directed by the intuition and binds images that the first sight seems distant ones of the others, the analogy is a process more structuralized to reconcile contradictions and to make distinctions.

Placing of another form, when clarifying as two ideas in a phrase they are seemed or not, the contradictions incorporated in the metaphors they are harmonized by the analogy. In this direction, the analogy is an intermediate step between the pure imagination and the logical thought. Terms as ' ' metfora' ' , ' ' analogia' ' ' ' modelo' ' they are ideal types. In the reality, it is difficult to distinguish one from the other; the same phrase or image can incorporate more than one of these three functions. Exactly thus, the three terms capture the process for which the organizations convert tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge: first, binding contradictory things through the metaphor; then, deciding these contradictions through the analogy; e, finally, crystallizing the concepts bred and incorporating them in a model, that becomes the available knowledge for the remaining portion of the company. The understanding of the creation of the knowledge as a process to become explicit the tactical knowledge? a question of metaphors, analogies and models has direct implications in the form as a company draws its organization and as it defines papers managemental and responsibilities.

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