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The First Book Of Motivational Speaker Richard De Hoop Is Here!

July 10, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Make music! With a foreword by star violinist David Garrett power music! So, your team plays together, instead of just noise to produce”it says in the first book of the Dutch keynote speakers and motivational trainer Richard de Hoop with a preface of the star violinist David Garrett. The 5 star speaker that uses music as a metaphor for successful teamwork and compares characters of people with eight musical instruments. Motivational speaker Richard de Hoop shows how easy it is basically to allow teams to play together harmoniously. The key to this: So that teams are productive, it must harmonize. No Orchestra works, if it consists only of drums. And not every musician is a virtuoso drummer.

It is crucial that every musician, the conductor, and each team member plays the role appropriate to his character. Everyone can find his role on the team, whether as efficient bass, amazing trumpet, energetic drum, versatile piano, creative guitar, fact-oriented harp, budgeting horn or helpful violin. Play all skilfully together, and have held, they create together a harmonious, successful sounds, even joy on their cooperation simply to produce noise. As well as in his rousing, motivational lectures the motivator from Holland makes it clear in his book, how important it is that the exact team, matching conductor, the Executive, find together. I’m so happy and excited that my methods around the metaphor can contribute to the successful and harmonious team music, and what it now be disseminated in the form of this book. In particular I am pleased of course that David Garrett, which I appreciate as a musician, which has provided for the preface”, says speaker and Motivatonstrainer de Hoop.

The readers in this book learn how to perfectly put together teams as each team member takes the role, which as a whole is best self and team work which forces a team for it and how to use them like teams to real success team executives will be what role play in team work. I can invite only all conductors, managers, and businesses to handle their most valuable asset, your employees, such as a unique, swinging and especially harmonious Orchestra “, says star violinist David Garrett in the preface of the book. The art of team leadership: Listen, closely align and day passion play together so that each team member can unfold his talents to the virtuosity. It is really that simple, that’s why: make music!

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