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The Famous

April 9, 2018 in News Tags: ,

The starting point of any brand communication campaign is to possess the maximum information about the same. The famous character must always be a means and not an end, a mark must be anchored conceptually solid shape before considering the use of a famous character. The credibility, reliability and the perception of the famous as expert consumers are key values in the selection of a famous. The famous character must be attractive in terms not only of physical attractiveness, but also respect and similarity or familiarity. You are considered essential to the famous awaken sympathy among the audience.

If a famous falls ill, the advertising message will lose effectiveness. The notoriety, along with familiarity, makes marks are received more positively by consumers. Familiarity easily translates into positive disposition, undoubtedly one of the most powerful components of the a brand’s reputation. Interesting when it contributes according to his research, that the famous is capable of raising the price of the product that announces, when it comes from products suitable for gifts and stay well and among young college students. For men, the effect of the increase in direct price of the famous is 8%, while there is an indirect effect of 11% that the famous transmits to the product that announces and from the own character itself. Therefore, the total value that brings the famous among young men is a price increase of more than 19%.

For women, the effect is less. However, this is also significant: the direct effect of the famous increases the prices of the clock by 5.4%. There is also an indirect effect among women, which also derives from the effect of the famous to the tested object and from the character, and this is something more than 8%. As a result, the total value that brings the famous among young women is a price increase of more than 13.4%. The famous character increases the price of form indirectly, through a causal chain that is based on the observed qualities of the character and qualities which it transmits to the product which announces. In a direct way, the famous increases the price by the mere fact of being famous. The truth, that this type of research are very significant not only for marketing studies, but for companies who are interested in promoting your product, brand associated with a celebrity that can help you increase your sales and noted that the company is identified with the success, fame and this can cause them great advantages, everything depends on the typecontent advertising, the message that you want to give.

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