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The Education

April 5, 2014 in News Tags:

At last in this perspective, the way defines the option for the people, who already was born with advantages already would have its guaranteed vacant as citizen, would have a good job, a good education, however for excessively they would be victims of situations that cannot pay to prevent, with this equal one for all would be utopian, who to pay more will have more advantages, it only modified who does not have headings or name for who more possessed resources. 1.3.A NEOLIBERAL VISION To search a parallel between Liberalism and the Neoliberalismo in a vision of State and Education will be the subject to be argued in this unit. Accurately, to compare the two perspectives with regard to the educational politics. While classic liberalism, of the time of the rising bourgeoisie, considered the rights of man of the citizen, between which, the right to the education, the neoliberalismo emphasizes more the rights of the consumer of what the public and democratic freedoms and contests the participation of the state in the support to the social rights, representing a regression of the social field and politician and corresponding to a world where the social sense and solidarity cross a great crisis. The neoliberal attempt to monopolize the power is present in some scopes of the society, economic, politician, cultural e, as it could not leave of being, in the educational scope. It constitutes as characteristic basic the freedom of the individual, the private property; to protect the interests of classrooms, the market to be regulating of the society and to stimulate the individual competition. For the Neoliberalismo, the consumption is something necessary for the humanity, then the contradiction between the Feudal system and the Capitalism. After the ending of the dictatorship, the sensation that if had was of that the democracy had been reached for all those that fought so that such victory happened.

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