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June 23, 2013 in News

Forming attitudes and will have a more reliable prediction of the actions form. 6 Bringing conflicts to the surface and are resolved their working group could be harboring secret resentments of you, and unless you decode what, and bring those dark secrets in the light of the day, never going to be able to deal with them and having success. It is shameful, potentially humiliating and requires a high level of patience, not to launch directly into a defensive mode, but giving people the opportunity to express their concerns, disappointments and anger, face to face, it gives you tremendous opportunity to fix things, or help them to see where their thoughts and feelings are misplaced. 7 Collaborate with others instead of doing things by yourself learn how to delegate and share has been fundamental to grow my own business. The fastest way to bury if same in excess of details and workload is trying to do everything yourself. Share the workload however, can be the smartest thing you will make in your life. Here’s why: ‘Leverage’. Leverage is to take their skills and capabilities and allow others to expand their ability to work.

You teach how you to do it get beams and doing something else. A Mason can put only a certain number of bricks in an hour, but that same bricklayer can train 15 colleagues to put bricks and suddenly those 15 Masons are building monuments, while the first is out obteneiendo more work for them. While 15 are putting bricks, the original Mason can learn to perform advanced masonry work, learn sales strategies, or learn skills in supervision. The lesson is simple: try to do everything yourself and completely bury him, teach others to do what he does and will build a monument. Jesus taught 11 men to do what he did. Then he went and delegated them as he moved to other things.

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