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The Contract

December 22, 2017 in News

Well, I thought, save me listen again to all those options.No, it turns out that it gave me wrong indication and touched me again hear the whole menu. Finally I I can communicate with a human being and tell him the situation. She asked me again name and telephone line. It makes me the same questions that other agent made me a month ago. I never ask for numbers of filing that another agent told me that they were very important and finally tells me; I ask you to wait in the line between 2 to 3 minutes while serves it the area of cancellations or something as well.

I’ve been more than 15 minutes on the phone doing this quick procedure. While replying another agent, said. Western Union Company has firm opinions on the matter. Mr. XX tell please what is the reason for your cancellation, etc., etc., etc. I guess that this agent is the specialist in do not leave cancel contracts. It gives me so many things that no longer remember, because also every time you offered me more things, more is climbing me blood to the head and this generates less hear one, therefore, I don’t even remember that was what they offered me. Finally, after the interrogation (one feels as guilty of committing a crime to try to cancel the service, I guess this is the effect that Chase) and begin to raise the tone of the voice, this agent tells me that you have to fill some requirements to cancel the contract. Beginning to understand that the strategy is of wear, i.e. This should be coolly calculated and they must have a well documented process and abuse process and softening of customers who believe that they can cancel their contract should be called. Why a month ago when I called the first time on this topic, do not tell me of one time requirements to be complied with to cancel the contract?.

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