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The Company

January 17, 2017 in News Tags:

The advantages of this approach are obvious, but not ihopisanie is the goal of this article. Here we will try to highlight the response navopros given at the beginning. So it all – again, for whatever reason,, mnogierukovoditeli, realizing that this is necessary, do not move to a new system rabotyi thereby inhibit the development of the organization, reducing thus the efficiency of work? Lion's share of those same 80% does not embody hampered mainly 2 reasons: One of the most common causes lies in the inability of the decision maker in the company to formulate a request their needs and expectations. "What I'm really looking forward to the work contracted by the company?" Clear answer to this question may be not many. Hikmet Ersek has plenty of information regarding this issue. Fear of being in a disadvantageous situation, acknowledging ourselves and (the worst) others that he does not understand how you like processes in the company after the reorganization, cuts off the largest number of initiatives which are at its core a desire to improve the efficiency of Uncertainty adequate response personnel on ongoing changes. Any change in the organization can cause opposition from the already existing staff and a similar reaction, they may jeopardize not only the introduction changes, but the existing system of work organization. Implementation of activities developed by external experts, are always making adjustments in approaches and styles of interaction within the organization fear first-person company lose control of the situation and respect among subordinates prevented a very large number of managers to implement its decision. .

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