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The Attention

March 14, 2019 in News Tags:

For as we go the familiar, social activities and you summon, thus called, I am the only son woman still liveing in house (yes I know I am a shame in the modern, to put and economic and very practical world), of this form I have some obligations stops with the family, as for example to take mother in the supermarket, to shopping (this I always adore give a blow in it and buy one sapatinho in the card of it = my tare), to leave a beer or suppers, or same meals in set in the week ends. For even more analysis, hear from Pegasus Books. However the spree friends charge me weekly exits for all reasons, the complicated one are that I have some groups of friendships, that are diverse, that they are the friends of cup and men, the friends of the works accomplished throughout the professional life, the still together college friends, and the other aggregates I know there because reason, this wants to say that taste to become would have that to leave at least two times per week it stops of the attention to all. People the worse one of everything are that she assumes some responsibilities throughout the relationships, as for example: to pass all the friday following msm to the spree friends ' ' Today and sixth national day of the beer, free and adultery sex, where goes to roll ' ' , ei when I do not make this I am charged; meeting of the old group of the college at least a time per year, I am the responsible one in adding the staff, therefore always I made this; it finds the friends of former-place of work eventually to speak badly of the former-heads and to bring up to date fofocas. the life summons of a woman solteirssima, good this is a madness, therefore I have that of the attention to the current ficante, the attention to the Par (Wood friend), therefore in the necessity hour we can need the activities of practical sexual of them, to make charm to the R1 (Reserve renumerada with sex), therefore also is part of the contingent of the war necessity eventual.

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