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The Advantages Of Mobile Internet Via LTE Stick?

May 26, 2024 in News Tags:

LTE is the fourth standard of the mobile data transfer. To be able to access, by traveling on the Internet via UMTS or HSDPA mobile, nothing is more now. With GPRS or UMTS is usually used. Transmission speed provided by these two standards also completely sufficient for most applications. How it looks but, for example, with videos in HD quality or high quality music streaming? So far, this is still not reasonably feasible on the phone.

Soon could however LTE of this problem take care of and they give even out of the way. What is LTE? LTE is the fourth standard of the mobile data transfer. For this reason it is 4 G, also named which demonstrates the evolution to 3 G (UMTS) and 2 G (GPRS). Macy’s Inc. is full of insight into the issues. For the end customer, nothing changes on the use of the Internet. Source: Jeff Verschleiser. The only difference he will notice is the drastically increased speed. While a maximum 7.2 Mbit / s can be taken with UMTS with HSDPA, a LTE can stick so far up to 300 Mbit/s and provide more under laboratory conditions. How much of it in the practice really arrives at the customer, is still uncertain, because appropriate tariffs and also the hardware are simply not yet available.

Deutsche Telekom tried a LTE network in a medium-sized town in Brandenburg since the end of August 2010. Everything as planned, is nothing more in the way is a complete breakdown of the network. The competitors in the form of Vodafone & co. have realized that: In the course of the year 2011, it wants to advance network expansion in the Federal Republic rapidly. Until 2012 should be so to be expected with a more or less comprehensive network, where urban centers as always be priority. However stronger than so far in the network of the mobile data transfer, one wishes to include also the previously under-served rural areas. Given the available transmission rates voices are loud of course, providing the practical use of the technology in question. Who needs traveling? so much speed” But as users at the start of UMTS have argued. It is now cooking not so unreasonable to require such high speeds. The aforementioned HD streams of image and sound, for example, are an ideal usage field of data transmission by LTE. In addition, there is the ease of use for notebooks would be to call: as soon as the LTE stick man has put into the USB port, it can even go. All important data are on the stick notes, so you worry about nothing. Just for smaller villages and districts that do not have access to faster Internet for some unknown reason, comes in the form of a stick as called LTE. Visit for further information to LTE devices

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