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TechDo GmbH Excellent Innovation

November 16, 2017 in News Tags: ,

TechDo GmbH “Excellent” innovation in the business location of Germany the TechDo GmbH has been unveiled at the 03.09.2008 by the European economic-Verlag in Mainz as innovative companies for the business location Germany. Our company is thus in a number of companies, the ideas and products which are representative of the trademark “Made in Germany”. Well-known representatives from politics, business and science are involved in the project in addition to the European Commission and the German Ministry of economics. The ceremony was the prelude to a worldwide information campaign at the electoral Palace Mainz. The 35 selected representatives of German industry represent in various media from print film to the Internet. The German embassies and chambers of foreign trade, federal ministries, industry and chambers of Commerce and economic development agencies, and others use the over 200 pages of accompanying print book “Business location Germany” for the innovative, powerful and dynamic economy in Europe. especially in Germany, to advertise. Prime Minister Kurt Beck spoke on “SMEs as an engine of German success” to the festive presentation. Other speakers were SAP-Germany Managing Director Volker Merk and the owner of the Trigema GmbH & Co.KG Wolfgang Grupp.

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