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Tourism Association

Leaving completed during the construction of the 2011 Summit world 3000, the Tramways greening or landscape-friendly runway construction consult on the Kitzsteinhorn mountain from the experts. The broad engagement of the Kitzsteinhorn in the environmental protection is even Award-winning. Last year the ski resort received the per natura pro ski AWARD, an award for ski […]

February 18, 2017 in News
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20 Years Fall Of The Wall In Berlin

Citysam launches survey on the topic of the fall of the Berlin wall with six Hotel proposals to the Jubilee year of online travel portal, August 31, 2009 hardly a day has remained the Germans in such special memories such as the day of the fall of the wall. In time for the anniversary, Berlin […]

December 2, 2016 in News
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Holidays In Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Festival in the snow In February 2011 take place the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships for the 41st time. Venue will be from 7 until February 20, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Who wants to live with the Championships, can find out more at the online travel agency about matching travel offers. Already, the start in the Alpine […]

April 14, 2016 in News
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Southern Black Forest

In addition to a magnificent view over Lake Constance, he enjoys Wellness also sought-after views of the snow-capped Alps. The medieval streets of Markdorf, where numerous restaurants with good mouth on regional cuisine will find are still popular. Wellness holidays in the Black Forest of the Black Forest, Germany Supreme and perhaps most attractive mountains, […]

March 22, 2016 in News
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Easter At Lake Ossiach

Still the gondola rocks diving, mountaineering and colorful Easter eggs farther and farther upwards, and finally as a miniature between thumb while the Lake is getting smaller and smaller, and index finger fits. Once at the top the panorama could be hardly impressive. The majestic mountains surrounding lined a seemingly tiny Lake, pines and meadows […]

March 18, 2016 in News
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More Winter Fun On The Wurmberg Near Braunlage

Winter 2013/2014 in the Harz with new offerings is the winter sport season of 2013/2014 in the Harz and Braunlage can enjoy winter sports enthusiasts on even better terms. Thanks to strong investment in the ski area on the Wurmberg mountain, Braunlage offers more fun and even more snow. The snow test on the Wurmberg […]

March 10, 2016 in News
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