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All fellowship, union feeling, and patience with the presence of another one is interest and wait of profit. The hobbesiano natural man wounds and kills for some reasons; he makes them for the necessity of if defending, defending its freedom and its good, and to defend what it is the most important rank as for […]

July 6, 2019 in News
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Plato Problem

For example, it will be that the problem of the direction of the life makes sensible? Why? – We need arguments to evaluate the answers that the philosophers and proper us we give to the problem of the philosophy. For example, it will be that the reply that Plato of to the problem of immortality […]

July 6, 2019 in News
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For Hegel, history shows to the evolution human being bigger route to a rationality and freedoms. In this new way to understand history the idea of progessso results (Spider, 2003), therefore in the measure where history advances, the men accumulate practical knowledge and, perfecting each time more. However, such progress only if it carries through […]

July 5, 2019 in News
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The Man

For Espinosa, in the Treated one (specifically in chapter XX), it must not have a power that denies the men the right to say what it thinks and to teach what it thinks when to want; in the truth, and in contrast it must have a power that guarantees the right to teach to them […]

July 4, 2019 in News
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In an absolute monarchy, the monarch governs with an autocrat one, being able absolute on the State and the Government, for example: the right to govern for decree, to promulgate laws and to impose punishment. The absolute Monarchies are not necessarily authoritarian; the clarified absolutists of the Iluminismo were monarchs who allowed diverse freedoms. Already […]

June 29, 2019 in News
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HREF Font-size

I find a deceit unconscious, as I left previously told you influence them that this ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ it suffers to be formed. Therefore I find, who, for the moment, the only freedom that we have is to try to perceive what really it influences in them, from there yes can start to have […]

June 28, 2019 in News
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Hannah Arendt

To be citizen of you polish, to belong to the few that had freedom and equality between itself, estimated a fight spirit: each citizen it looked for to demonstrate before the others that were optimum showing, through the word and of the persuasion, its singular facts, that is you polish, it was the space of […]

June 28, 2019 in News
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African Work

This commercialization alone minimized with the construction of great cities, and the extration of the mineirio. In Century XVIII, Marquis of Pigeon house forbids to the use them all aboriginal languages in the domestic territory, institutionalizing the Portuguese language the iron and fire. In century XIX opening of new agricultural borders, the integration of new […]

June 11, 2019 in News
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Why the voice of the people is not the voice of God? One popular one has said that in it says that &#039 to them; voice of the people is the voice of Deus'. We will go to demonstrate some incoherences in affirming such principle. The people would be correct in if using of this […]

November 13, 2013 in News
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Bartrand Russel

Already Plato, in dialogue with Scrates recognized that it has subjects on which is very difficult to know accurately, ' ' in this in case that, is necessary to choose the doctrine that in them seems best, most resistant to the refutation. Supported in it, as one has asked for wooden that it floats, must […]

December 19, 2012 in News
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