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Touring Car Company

And by the way, the emergency services will be provided by Commissioner without any payment to policyholders Casco company. If we talk about significant benefits directly related to the attractive features of the hull, here at CIT Finance Insurance can find dignity, distinguish this insurance company from a number of others. Thus, for every motorist […]

February 2, 2017 in News
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Maintaining a Battery

On most modern cars set of lead-acid batteries. This is due to their relatively low cost, ease of use, reliability, frost and other factors. The battery is composed of 6 separated from each other batteries. Each "slot" produces 2B. On average, the battery is 2 to 5 years. The service life depends on battery care. […]

October 27, 2016 in News
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Driving School Businesses

It is no secret in the world of cars is increasing every year, which triggers increased demand for specialists in driver education. Outside of this trend is particularly bright, so requirements for driver education relevant. In the European Union all driving schools are divided into two main groups: municipal and private. Virtually any private driving […]

January 21, 2014 in News
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