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Syndical Force

November 20, 2012 in News Tags:

GM granted to collective vacations its employees before announcing the 744 resignations of last week; – remunerated license: in this in case that, the employees receive the integral wage without working and discounting of vacation, normally because they already had been enjoyed. The company interrupts the production temporarily. He is ideal for the industries that have the expectation to normalize the situation in a short space of time; – bank of hours: the worker stops to work part of the hours foreseen in its contract, but he continues receiving wage integral. When the total production is retaken, the employee starts to work more hours per day, until compensating the not-worked paid hours. The time of duration of the measure is negotiable; – temporary suspension of the employment contract: the employee is moved away from tralbaho for a period of up to five months. During the removal, he receives insurance-unemployment.

For the law, the companies need to bank professionalizing courses. Some companies eventually complement net it of the employees paying part of the wage. ; – reduction of the day with proportional reduction of the wage: the FIESPE and the Syndical Force had last week negotiated an agreement around this measure. But the syndicalists had withdrawn of the idea, later that the entrepreneurs had said that they could not guarantee the maintenance of the jobs. This idea is a taboo for part of the syndicalists, who had always defended reduction of the non-reduction day of the wage.

For them, this mechanism would open precedent for contract adoption for worked hours, considered a retrocession in the labor laws. Without doubts the measures are unpopular of the point of view politician. However, for the worker it does not have nothing more unpopular than to lose its job. Bibliography: Magazine Time, edition 557 of 19 of January of 2009.

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