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Spanish Sustainability

May 30, 2013 in News Tags:

39% Of Spanish consumers, and 48% at the global level, is willing to pay an additional 10% to buy sustainable products, despite the economic crisis.Thus, explained responsible for operations of Havas Media in Spain, Jose Maria Frigola, during the presentation of the study in Madrid, sustainability is defying the economic crisis, since it is the component which have less cut companies.In addition, although the main concerns of respondents have changed since the last survey was carried out and the unemployment and the economic situation is now the main concern worldwide, issues related to sustainability occupy second place in a consolidated manner, stated the Chairman of Havas Media, Fernando Rodes. Consumers know the subject at a level that we not suspected and have gone into action, said Rodes. In fact, according to the study, 77 percent of Spanish consumers considered that you should punish irresponsible companies, and a same percentage says that you should reward companies that behave in a sustainable manner. Also, 80 percent of consumers worldwide say that companies should lead the change towards a more sustainable productive model, and 80 percent of Spaniards considered the same, while only 30 percent said that Governments are primarily responsible for the problem. However, companies must understand that sustainability is not what one wants to look like but what one is, said Rodes, who pointed out that if they want them to make their investments in sustainability a competitive advantage should be consistent with what they say and do, because that, still, 72 percent of Spanish buyers and consumers worldwide 64consider that businesses only invest in sustainability by marketing.

THE BEST POSITIONED. Alongside the study, Havas Media presented Sustainable Futures Quotient (SFQ), a tool that lets you analyze and compare practices implemented by different companies in terms of sustainability and evaluate to what extent contribute to brand value. After analyzing 20 brands of 8 different sectors, Havas Media concluded that brands best positioned in terms of sustainability in Spain are Danone, Nestle and El Corte Ingles, while globally the best results, Danone, Nestle and Unilever obtained them. By contrast, the sectors worst results obtained are oil companies, automotive and services such as electricity and gas. The same applies to companies of consumer goods which are further behind in this regard. Finally, the telecommunications sector and the financial sector are considered as having less impact.

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