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Spanish Association

October 4, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Billing u the whole system had a turnover of 24.699,5 million euros in 2009, 4.1 percent less than the figure achieved in the latest statistics, which was 25.734,6 million euros. Thus, total business volume has been reduced in 1.035 million. u by sectors of activity, which most turnover in 2009 was dedicated to power, with 6.077 million euros, followed by the of travel agencies, with 2.263,8 million; Restaurants/Fast food, with 2.114,9 million, and hospitality/restaurants and bars, with 2.025,4 million euros invoiced. As explained by the President of the AEF, the economic crisis we are going through is causing that activities that are resenting more than other, case has of the real estate and financial services. However, sectors like beauty and aesthetics do not stop growing. When it comes to combining both realities, the result is that the system has checked 4.1% less, which is a quite acceptable percentage with times running. Moreover, no other formula of trade presents one defendant so little decline in its volume of global turnover.

Communities autonomous u report also places emphasis on the location of the Central franchise, in the different autonomous communities that make up the map of Spain. In this sense, of 919 chains which make up the franchise, 297 have their headquarters in the community of Madrid; 245 in Catalonia; 99 in the Valencian Community, and 90 in Andalusia. u also the madrilenian also occupies first place in terms of total turnover of power plants that are installed in this region, and that adds up to 11.255,4 million euros. Then follows the Catalan community, with 6.134,8 million; the Andalusian, with 2 billion, and the Balearic Islands, with 1,427 million euros invoiced. Origin of the ensigns foreign u 919 chains that operate as franchise in Spain, 172 originate from other markets.

In this regard, France tops the number of foreign brands that have landed in our country, with a total of 42 (3 more than in late 2008). United States, followed with 40 brands (the same as in 2008); Italy with 28 (2 more), and Portugal with 11 (3 more). This increase is valued by Abbey, since it continues to demonstrate the interest of foreign flags by entering our country, despite the difficult economic situation. The one who now has 13 strings more arrivals to Spain from elsewhere in the world is a fact worthy of highlighting. On the Spanish Association of franchisors the Spanish Association of franchisors (AEF) was founded 16 years ago and is now composed of 191 Members, whose turnover represents 65% the volume of business generated by the franchise system in Spain. The AEF objectives are the represent and protect the interests of the franchise in our country, as well as make interlocutor before the Administration and make it known in other markets, through its presence in various fairs of international franchises.

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