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SME In Spain

January 23, 2017 in News Tags:

A popular response among many to the looming crisis is to want to go home. The summer of 2008 has arrived, and business and teaching has declined (as always in August) at minimum, so I think it is time, not so, I keep remembering recent queries from companies and students, a What can we do? … … How do you see? … … In Spain are facing a most serious crisis in recent decades: inflation not controlled, the upward trend in interest rates, the crisis of the construction industry and its inevitable ripple effects, high oil rises, along with the confirmation of rising unemployment, the sharp drop in car registrations and apparently the short steps from the government seem to arise, to which is added an excessive hardness finally accessibility for SMEs financed by the Bank. What can we SMEs do?

Because, I think, on my frame of mind, every crisis presents an opportunity a each change in the winds, there arises a possibility of refocusing (“move the candles? )and those who know me, I still believe that not necessarily a crisis, a problem brings negative consequences, but you can train structures, forcing refocus, and get tougher for companies and individuals in adverse weather a And already knows that after the storm comes the calm. And here I a on the coast of Portugal, enjoying a few days, and between the beach, visit population and a gastronomic tour, try to summarize some of my ideas in answer to some of the questions I made before starting my summer break. What measures should take an SME before the current crisis of volume reduction business, unpaid, and constriction of credit in financial institutions?

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