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Small Inspection Even Made

July 19, 2016 in News Tags: ,

They allow for a small inspection to be quickly a few hundred euros. But with a little skill and no two left hands, so some task in the inspection issue is quickly done! In addition to the factor, save money, makes the small inspection also fun and one quickly learns a lot about his four-wheeled companions. But what can you actually do and what should the car Pro Patrick Kruger explains the key points of the inspection and how the check won’t the frustration. Measure oil 1-2 times a month the oil should be measured. Remember, it may cause damage to the engine, if the oil level is too low. Also, oil should never be populated over the top, maximum score. This will cause catalyst damage, because the whole oil accumulates in it.

A defective catalyst is very annoying, because a new mostly from cost 100 euro upwards. Air filter change or clean the outlet hose has to be removed first, then the air Mass meter is disconnected and the brackets of the filter gel eyelets. A K & N Insert filter is maintenance-free. This means he is not changed, but only cleaned and sprayed with oil. In contrast to the traditional air filter, which must be replaced if it is filthy. Coolant caution is required when the engine is hot! Air can escape and hot coolant can leak screw on. Furthermore, a spindle device is necessary to check the temperature.

It sucks in water and then displays the temperature of the coolant. Windshield washer of windshield washer container should be always filled. A 1 to 1 ratio is perfect. Mix approximately 400 ml of water with 400 ml windshield cleaner. Brake fluid In the course of time increases the water content of the fluid and promotes as a corrosion within the braking system. In this way, it may be a total failure of the brake system.

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