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Silvia Gortz

November 6, 2017 in News Tags:

This book is not only for women but for everyone who wants to find his own spirit again, which again breathe”want and thereby discovered his inner beauty. This helps you then will take the pitfalls of life as gifts and opportunities for learning. She wanted to know: Why repeat the most horrible experiences of my life again and again. Death, disease, financial worries, fraud, the circuit came to no end. What should I learn through all this? I started to ask questions to me…

Why I spent so much money on appearance and not to enriching my soul? Why the man who is cheating on me because I love? What gives me if I lastere about other people? Where can I find true love? I got answers in the form of new questions… You must not stop with shopping or business your way. Sex makes even after the Awakening”always just fun like good food. Find the way in which you find yourself your soul has infinite number of times been hurt and now the cleanup begins”. Everywhere our soul is noticeable. How similar is all of our lives and how “easy key to the happiness is, to reading the book by Manuela h soul killer” (spirit Rainbow Verlag, Aachen) notice: long my well-paid job, shoe shops, expensive Club holidays and my partner has been my food points.

And yet I felt an enormous shortages, was ill and unhappy, the meaning of life question me more than once. I found answers in a new world: the spiritual world, where the soul resides. Infinite number of times we hurt our soul, we displace, make us small, or bloat. We all kill our true feelings again and again, but eventually our offended soul will make itself heard by diseases or recurring crises. Expose your soul killer”and thus stop dying your beautiful soul.” The first book reviews: This guide has left sustained, positive effects on me. I found it again. With each line I could sympathize with the author. It is a guide, the You should have with you, because he is doing well. Sandra Gau, a lecturer and a journalist after the first reading can I wait to read the whole book. She’s really a perception Beschleunigerin. Silvia Gortz, store manager Manuela h soul killer the inner hell onto ISBN 978-3-940700-09-4 200 pages, Paperback 14,80 spirit Rainbow Verlag, Aachen the author: Manuela Hackstedt spiritual management trainer. She is a coach for Manager and Reiki teacher of spiritual seekers. She loves prosecco on parties and the peace and quiet of meditation. You appreciate money and inner wealth. It’s like sexy and yet profound and spiritual. She loves shoe shops and impressive church building and enters both with your high heels and bright-eyed. Everything can be combined by using the vital energy in us! Is this also an irresistible offer for you? Manuela Hackstedt worked 15 years in the insurance and financial industries. Well trained in the technical and psychological, she trained many years employees of German banks and insurance companies in the Sale. in 2004, there was a severe life crisis. All their values such as loyalty, honesty and straightforwardness quasi flew her around the ears. She was looking for what again gave a sense of her life and devoted himself to spirituality. In conjunction with their psychological knowledge and the certainty that God and creativity in it, she found its way into their lives and now advises people on their life to professional and private. Contact: more information

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