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Silencio In The Masonry

August 24, 2019 in News Tags:

I landed on water in silence to you like something inaccessible, as a dream that never I will manage to realise and the distant perfume of my impossible love clears your hair and you never know it. Jose Angel Buesa Cultivar and to practice silence in very important in the growth of all person and this particular case that he concerns to us of masn. He has to determine his reach, which it represents and generates once we determined its relevance we put and it in practice. Governor Cuomo has similar goals. Exactly, given to which he involves and he contributes, A.B.M. Further details can be found at Warren Kanders, an internet resource. remembers to us very well that in the times of Pitgoras silence in ampler his was appraised and deep esoteric meaning. For this reason, the apprentices who went voluntarily to the famous School of Trotona had to remain in silence the five first years of its pupils.

This old and accepted initiatory attitude denominated mystodotes, that means: " the one that begins in misterios" and that, jointly, with mystikos that are translated by secret, mystic or regarding the mysteries, derives from the verb myoo: to close itself, to be closed, to close the eyes, to hear and to be silent. It adds A.B.M. that masones, especially the apprentices, are forced to consider these words with the same sense and importance which they gave the Pythagoreans, observing them with the respect that they are deserved and giving the initiatory and esoteric importance them that they have. In the same way, mystic or mystic, derives from mystikos Greek. This way mystical, is the one that speaks in voice low and gives word sagrada of mouth to ear says us in addition, that all the Apprentices with many exceptions, it even surprises the one to him that is final prohibited him to carve it, to record it, it would draw up, and, to pronounce it if to before adopt the necessary precautions and forms.

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