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Sheba Natasha

November 5, 2014 in News Tags:

Tati initially thought I would not attend that year, but after he realized that imposed the obligation to pursue and study the materials could not help thinking. Her pregnancy evolved without difficulty. She was very sad and often said to have been a great mistake to continue with it. Others however, saw in that child to be born of love continued to Sheba had joined. Do not want to date anyone but her friends always. Natasha was very worried about the mental health of his daughter. He had consulted with the psychoanalyst's hospital, but that he had said all he had reactions were normal.

Him asked if her daughter would not be willing to take a few sessions with her, but Natasha had already proposed and had had a rotundo noa for an answer. He told her not to worry, that the time would go smooth things over. He did not stay quiet consultation and Gladys call for advice. "Hi Natasha," said Gladys cheerfully a "how are things there? How is your daughter? How's the pregnancy? -. "But slowly women," answered Natasha, – which you should happen to want to know everything from the beginning and I've hardly stopped to say hello? -. "Nothing's wrong," replied her friend – just wanted to ask you about the important things. "I called because I need your advice," Natasha said with a sad-not how to help my daughter. Some days you see things that are part of more or less normal life and is happy with her pregnancy and others who have continued to fully repents and begins to mourn.

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