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Second Jobs In Germany Are very Common

December 14, 2016 in News Tags: ,

The sideline about a second job is more popular than originally anticipated in Germany second jobs in Germany more popular than so far assumed. Although currently “only” 15% of Germans in addition to their main profession have a second job, but there are also much more workers who are on the lookout or ever went after a sideline in the past. This resulted in a survey of 487 participants on the Internet portal for employer reviews in the March to May 2011. Therefore more 12% of respondents in Germany said that they previously went after a sideline, this way something added to earn. 17%, which are currently at least looking for a second job and would not be averse if necessary to go after him, if the opportunity and conditions are to be added.

In addition, a second job is at least conceivable for 19% of the survey participants even if they currently or in the past have been looking not active. In contrast, 25% of respondents for the one available Sideline never comes into question and reject a second job. In addition, 8% of Germans are currently unemployed logged about, remaining 4% of respondents did not specify. In the face of economic growth anticipated for the coming years and which however likely to assume, that will diminish the attractiveness of second jobs is continually increasing demand for full-time employees,. This development is critically depend, whether wage developments with economic growth will keep pace and whether more and more part-timers to full-time positions will be taken over. ( is the leading German-speaking freedom and business portal for job reviews created by workers and employers editorial, reviews since 2006.

The reader can inform on the basis of published essays about their potential new employers. In addition, provides further Web2. 0 functions, such as the employee forum or the JobBlogs. At regular intervals Surveys are conducted which examines the situation on the German labour market closer.

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