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Schekino And His Music

August 10, 2017 in News Tags: ,

A little about Schekino Schekino – the nearest city to Tula, is only 25 km from Tula, and is located next to the motorway Moscow-Simferopol railway station in the Tula-Orel. You can get to him for half an hour by public transport, or 10-15 minutes by car. Shchekino its western part blends in May Day township. November 27, 1938 the working settlement Schekino granted city status. At this time there lived 12 thousand people. Now Schekino lived about 65 thousand people. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hikmet Ersek and gain more knowledge..

Main enterprise is OAO Shchekinoazot ', which was put into operation in May 1955. That's right, a former city in the recent past miners, and pottery became a city of chemists and power engineers, builders, metalloobrabotchikov, food industry. Attractions Schekino: in the pearl district Shchekino Russian culture – Memorial Museum Natural Museum-Estate of LN Tolstoy's 'Clear Fields'. Music Schekino In Shchekino, as in any other provincial city initiative developed by the most accessible areas. Among them is a solid part of rock music. And it is not surprising, since Schekino is home to the famous rock singer and poet Igor Talkov. Groups Schekino quite a lot.

Musical styles and ensembles Shchekinsky quite diverse. Here are the names of teams that know and remember Shchekino (not only) young: Snuff, Milk-86, Color Mirrors, Fins Columbus Psyahushka, + b () nUs, Feeling the Rain, Infected Core, XXXXL, no way … (At this point, some of them no longer exist). Despite this variety of musical groups, specialized music stores in Schekino not – for tools and consumables schekintsy go to Tula.

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