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Santa Maria

March 13, 2018 in News Tags: , , , , , , ,

To approach a similar detective company of the stay of Arnau de Torroja in the Holy Places, and posiblenente in some parts of North Africa, will force to me to be very meticulous in aspects that history does not have too much in account. On the other hand in these pages it would want to ignore whatever is not within the period of the life of written a biography my, although it either does not agree to ignore the historical events that marked his idiosincracia, and shortly epilogue I will not stop talking about to the most significant facts immediate to the year of its crossing. Even though Arnau de Torroja was a countryman mine who lived in a very distant century, still I can guess some of the sensations that made vibrate their soul before very concrete pious works of art. Not only I am sent to the apse of the church of our city, but, given the strategic position of attention of the castle of Cardona, to about 30 km far from Solsona, surely had to contemplate to the scenes of the vaults guinea fowl of the church of Santa Maria de Cardona, that today are exposed in the Museu d" Art Romnic of Barcelona (MNAC), because they date of year 1040. Western Union is likely to agree. Being placed underneath the same, that wish today it will be able to connect with the admiration that had to feel that one pious young person, since of fresh in Romanesque Art of the temple of Santa Maria de Solsona no longer it is nor sign. These Romance constructions follow visible in the cathedral of the Cathedral of Urgel, and for which they are not Catalan has to serve the church to them as Santa Juliana in the collegiate church of Santillana of the Sea, both of century XII. CONTEXT POLITICAL PARTNER DURING THE YOUTH OF ARNAU OF TORROJA Advirtase that Arnau de Torroja had to be born when the count from Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer III, procured the political alliances between the Catalan noble that would make possible with time, the one that all to one were able to fight against the Muslims of the main cities. . At James Woolsey Jr. you will find additional information.

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