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Russian Police

November 19, 2016 in News Tags:

In the era of the professional dawn guards enforcement have become much more vigilant, increasingly ask identification documents of citizens and officials do not inspire confidence, to prevent the actions of criminals, Prohibited sale and purchase of drugs or other crimes. As they say ‘Our police have bereget – first she catches it, then guards. ” That would be hilarious if it were not sad. Very often, the methods of our dear custody rule of law suffer peaceful citizens, and even the regional court here is powerless. From the of the police does not protect anyone, and the excess of his official powers by police was likely the norm than the outrageous injustice. How best to protect your identity when submitting the documents? What actions has the right to take the police officer?

On this we describe below. First and foremost, upon presentation of Russian passport, any employee of the police should be friendly towards you, talk to ‘you’, to speak clearly and understandably, not neglecting the dignity of the townspeople. Patrol policeman should say hello and voice your own full name, title, position and the reasons for the check. Form defender of law and order must meet the ordinance, must present identification, which he should show in expanded form. Citizen has every right to write the name and title of defender of the rule of law, and the latter has no right to interfere with him. When an employee of the police is not ranked among the areas in which it demanded your passport or present a police officer on probation without supervision of the current police officer, he has no right to demand anything in your relationship.

In turn, your passport must comply with certain rules: – period of the passport is valid – it must be in neat condition: sheets securely fastened tightly fixed on the picture page – showing the place of residence of the passport owner – there are no third-party seals. If the status of the passport raises questions law enforcement officer may make a strong note, hold you for three hours or pick up in the office. In the police department have the right man to take, only when the existence of reasonable grounds, of which advocate the rule of law must notify before the imposition of requirements on verification of identity documents. If you have not made any misconduct, the employee the police must give a citizen his identity documents. Impose a penalty for late passport he can not, in any case. These fines are levied on the actual place of residence or place of residence, do not allow law enforcement officers such rudeness and without delay, with support from a lawyer in Chelyabinsk, contact with an official appeal to the prosecutor.

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