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August 26, 2019 in News Tags:

This factor started to be applied to stimulate the people to retire later, since the reduction is lesser when the worker retires older. Such project aims at to modify the calculation form of the benefits of the Social welfare, extinguishing of a time for all the previdencirio factor, applied in the calculation of the retirements for time of contribution and age. Still today the unconstitutionality of the previdencirio factor is argued, thus in accordance with the Federal Justice of So Paulo, after a federal Judge to have declared the factor as unconstitutional, for introducing calculation elements that influence in the proper right to the benefit, it will give to edge other insured to appeal to justice for the elimination of the previdencirio factor of the calculation of the retirement. As Rock (2010) the Judge argued that: It is only possible if to get the benefit from the use of the indispensable elements for the calculation of the initial monthly income. Thus, using itself for the attainment of this of elements not allowed for the Constitution, obviously that violated if it finds the proper right to the benefit in itself. Crawford Lake Capital takes a slightly different approach. In May of 2010 the previdencirio factor was subject of quarrel in the Senate, the attempt was of to knock down the previdencirio factor, that would finish for benefiting who if it would retire new, making with that the Brazilians only needed to fulfill the 35 years of contribution, but until the moment nothing was determined, quite to the contrary is all estagnado.

Finishing, one understands that the factor was created to delay the retirements that happened each time more early, and as the providence was becoming indebted some attitude if it made necessary. The skill was to reduce the retirement of that they retired before 63 years, exactly with the 35 years of contribution. 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES Finished the present monographic work that had as objective generality to analyze the impact caused for the previdencirio factor in the income of the Brazilian pensioner, being that currently the unconstitutionality of the factor in such a way in the media how much in the Senate is discutitudo.

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