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Remove Password

November 14, 2016 in News Tags: , , , , ,

Many times have you had the need to print or edit a PDF file, so you need to remove password to a PDF. As general culture PDF acronyms are an acronym for Portable Document Format English which is portable document format in the translation. Removes all restrictions from protected PDF files before continuing it is necessary to clarify the two types of protection that can have PDF files because there is much confusion in this regard. Protection 01 user password: the password that exists to be able to open and view a PDF file, this protection cannot be unlocked because it is a very high restriction. If a user password is not known file may be inaccessible or unlock. Protection 02 owner password: that is the protection that the owner creates for the PDF file cannot be printed and can not be edited. Steps to remove password PDF step # 01 to remove PDF password: Enter to the web page where you can unlock or remove password from PDF only by clicking on the link below. Step # 02 remove password to a PDF: only have to upload the file by clicking on the button that says select file step # 03 to remove password to a PDF: you sculpted the file inside your computer and give it click to open.

Step # 04 for remove password to a PDF: the file will immediately begin to charge. Step # 05 for remove password to a PDF: after some seconds or minutes depending on the size of the file, the file with the same name of the original will automatically be downloaded but followed with the next word .unlocked of the same type. Step # 06 to remove password to a PDF: If you open it you’ll see that you can edit the PDF and print it. Remember that the capacity or file size that you can unlock will be 50 megs. This web site in addition to remove password to a PDF also has other tools such as: Combine PDF files. Split PDF files. Protect PDF files.

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