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Reglate Project

June 25, 2012 in News Tags:

It writes down the greater amount of ideas and bocetos at random in agreement are happened to you, although it is in tiquetes of the supermarket. Nothing must have sense at the outset or have a real value but important it is not to happen through high no of those emergent ideas. Reglate a relajante weekend It is incredible what a weekend of recreational or sport activities can do by our state of concentration and creativity, recharging our vital energy levels and improving our psychic disposition towards the new project, remembers that with new meetings come, difficult people, downtimes, etc. So the best thing is than it finds us with the recharged batteries so that ours professional carries out is the best one. Preocpate to know your new clients more It reads a little his history, productive processes or of services, it infrmese approximately of his administrative structure, products stars, knows that are their direct and indirect competition, visits his Web sites, in aim emppate of general information of the company and its surroundings, that of insurance will be to you very useful to have a better strategic criterion in the planning meetings which they were realised. It assures your honoraria it initiates to them We must avoid to show to us timid with respect to the collection management, because it is elementary part of our professional activity. For that reason it is important that the client knows that our program of work begins the day in which we received the initial check (days more, days less), since many companies have the bad administrative custom to realise the payments with too much delay. In order to cover to us in health we must specify it in our supply of services, with a clarifying text that says something as this the project will be developed in 20 working days as of the date of the initial payment, this will protect to us of any later misunderstanding that could arise. Talk with some colleagues He is very beneficial To interchange professional impressions with our colleagues and friendly on the functional and strategic points that they could be implemented within the new project, because we could obtain valuable data on its experiences of work in similar projects that we pruned to use to our favor in our exposition and planning. Original author and source of the article

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