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President James Buchanan

October 20, 2016 in News Tags:

In 1630, after to take refuge in America the English lawyer John Winthrop, in a sermon exaltouo to be able of those colonists and said that they were raising one ' ' city in montanha' ' world to see it and to admire. Of this form an identity was born there of that they were the people chosen for God to all inspire the world with this pureness. Below some speeches of ' ' vocation americana' ': President James Buchanan, in the speech of its ownership in 1857 well clearly left the determination of the North American domain: ' ' The expansion of the United States on the American continent, since the Arctic until the South America, is the destination of our race (…) and nothing det-la&#039 can; '. In 2004 general Colin Powell, secretary of State of the government Bush, strengthened in the one of its speeches same determination: ' ' Our objective with the Handle is to guarantee for the North American companies the control of a territory that goes of the Arctic Polar region until the Antrtida' ' …, thus echoing an old dream of Percival Farquhar: Creole Courier ' ' The pure one Repression the popular rebellion in the Phillipino. 1900 Repression to the rebellion of the Boxers (seita private) In China. 1903-1914 Repression the popular revolution in Panama. 1918-1920 Repression the bolchevista revolution in Russia. 1926-1933 Repression the coup d etat in Nicaragua.

1950-1953 War against the Coreia of the north and China. 1962 naval Forty days during the crisis of the missiles in Cuba. 1964-1973 War against Vietnam of the North and vietcongues. 1965 Repression the popular revolt in the Dominican Republic. 1980 Sending of troops to contain civil war in the Lebanon. 1983 Repression to the rebellion after coup d etat in Granada.

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