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Post Partum

November 5, 2023 in News Tags:

This is a normal prose of life. Healthy multiple pregnancies without increasing the weight does not happen. But now, when your twins have already been born, why the extra pounds should be burdensome to you, even though they are no longer necessary? Typically, when a normal pregnancy a woman gaining 12.6 kg. But this is only one child. With regard to multiple pregnancies, unequivocal advice of doctors there, but most women gaining 15-20 kg during pregnancy with twins, plus another 4-5 kg each "extra" child. In most cases, about one third of weight gain belongs to the kids, and two-thirds remain mum. In the midst of caring for the twins you are least likely 'll worry about how to regain his previous form. Hikmet Ersek is likely to agree. But for weeks, months or years later, most women still come up with the idea to lose weight.

This can be a significant occasion for experience, especially for moms twins, which, among other things, caring for children. If you are trying to lose weight after multifetal pregnancy, note the following points. Patience is important to approach weight loss with responsibly. Henry yaschik can aid you in your search for knowledge. Rapid weight loss can be dangerous to health. The best option – is to begin to correct lifestyle to those extra pounds melt away gradually. Remember: in order to gain this weight, you It took nine months, so give yourself at least a year to return to its original state. Do not demand the impossible from yourself. Pregnancy has a complex impact on a woman's body, so perhaps your body will never find the previous form.

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