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Plotter Paper

March 8, 2016 in News Tags: ,

It is a special type of paper used on paper rolls in so-called plotter machines different types of paper and plotter printer plotter paper. Plotter machines, there are different models with different methods of printing. These models can be is classified into two upper categories, a vector-oriented output devices, on the other hand, grid-oriented output devices. Vector-oriented output devices: 1.Stiftplotter:-has pin carousel with different colours and thickness, but it is a rather slow (with about 5-10 drawings a day), further clogging the pins often during recording. 2.Schneidplotter: – this the upper material (usually film) will be cut to obtain such letters and templates. 3.Mikrofilmzeichner: – a line image is drawn through a laser beam, however but what allows only black and white possible, a high output speed. Grid-oriented output devices: 1.Tintenstrahlplotter:-high efficiency through high-speed land fill by several Nozzles, also this type offers a high variety of colors, line styles, widths and patterns. 2.Thermische plotter: – this will heat up through the print head on the special paper a darkness generated, however is this paper also later very susceptible to heat, scratches and wrinkles.

3.Thermotransferplotter: – for a dot a heating element of the print head is heated, so that color is transferred from the foil to the paper. This printer mixes up to 4096 shades from the three primary colors. 4.Elektrostatplotter: – Elektrostatplottern a dielectric output medium is charged by electrodes line positive. In these places toner particles settle, which get a fixation due to heat. In addition, there are different types of plotter paper used for the ink jet plotter. In the uncoated paper, the surface is not closed, so the color can soak into the material. The color but loses some brightness and intensity, but breaking is in the processing, by Prevents the paper fibers. Deleted: This material, a layer of chalk is applied to the uncoated paper, this leads to a mat, closed, smooth, and stable surface.

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