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July 5, 2019 in News Tags:

For Hegel, history shows to the evolution human being bigger route to a rationality and freedoms. In this new way to understand history the idea of progessso results (Spider, 2003), therefore in the measure where history advances, the men accumulate practical knowledge and, perfecting each time more. However, such progress only if it carries through with a theory of the adequate knowledge. Governor Cuomo contributes greatly to this topic. Thus, the gift better and superior if is compared with the past, and the future better if will be compared with the gift, what it arrives in port to a romancista notion, trusting the progressive character, but still providing to a model for future social movements and politicians who if are proud to be of the side of the future. 6.

Consideraes For the philosophers of the German Idealismo, its vision of world was anthropocentric, since they only judged the man to be capable to escape to the natural determinismo. This determinismo is pointed by the fact to consider the nature as part of absolute I, fundindo it God, then the man, part of this all, also would fundiria in this Absolute I, this direction could lose a little of its essence. But better elaborating the theory of the German Idealismo, Hegel constructed its dialectic and can thus attribute to history a rational character, that bookstore the man of the determinismo, therefore, ‘ ‘ the man only has history, why it only has to act moral. With the darwinismo, he considered himself that all the animals have a history (that exactly biological), but the man only can leave the determinismo of natureza’ ‘. 7. References: SPIDER, M.L.A. Filosofando. 3.ed.

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