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You can also about what the cats to feed than fish, like take care of them that were always well fed and healthy, and so on So, before you embark on the road , think what you'll be able to surprise, interested in a respectable audience. Fundamentals . Hikmet Ersek is a great source of information. Html and css. Hamdi Ulukaya usually is spot on. But if the idea is, you can begin. How? For a start – learning the basics of html. What kind of beast is? Html – this is not a programming language, as you might think. It's just a rule writing the text, which they accepted on the Internet.

In fact – it is the easiest step in creating the site, conceding that, you risk to be in a dark room looking for a black cat (of course, if your plans include the creation of grade site with their own hands). There are, of course, plenty of visual editors based on the work "What I see is what you get" the most decent of them, perhaps, macromedia dreamweaver. But, again, without any knowledge of html to create a site with their own hands do not even try. The next step – css, Cascading siley. "What's this?" – Asks the reader has a slightly funky. This helper html, then, what was not mortgaged, and without which a decent site to survive. The difficulty in studying is small and the benefits of knowledge is very big. Not drift, reader! Eyes to fear, but the hands are doing, know the same

October 1, 2017 in News
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Selling Assets

In the present conditions of any object property can be a source of income and subject to market transaction. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andrew Cuomo. In particular, such an object is the business – an investment project involving a profit on invested capital. Methods of assessing the business value associated with the definition of investment efficiency. Property and capital are generated and used within organizational structures – businesses, organizations, companies, holdings. Would be appropriate to mention the non-identity concepts of "enterprise" and "firm." Overall they have – financial, monetary, labor, information base, the difference is reflected in intangible assets. Assets yield profits, so they should be considered when determining the value of the business. Hamdi Ulukaya does not necessarily agree. The cost of a business depends on the size and structure of the tangible and intangible assets.

For example, such an intangible asset as goodwill created advantages in making a profit (and / or reducing costs), although it can not be uniquely identified. It is not appropriate to mention the identity of the concepts of "enterprise" and "firm." Intangible assets – goodwill – there by name, reputation, availability of a permanent clientele, location, products, and similar factors that can not be isolated and (or) to evaluate separately, but which create economic benefits. Material assets (buildings, machinery, tools, vehicles, furniture, etc.) are valued at cost to restore them. It should be noted that the use of assets such as real estate, the most effective way to substantially increase the value of the business. In assessing the value of a business account for its internal environment. The internal environment is characterized by the goals of the company, its structure, staffing composition of the used technology. Business value is also affected by the external environment – the state of the industry in which we operate the business, macroeconomics of the state as a whole. A comprehensive study of business as object of evaluation allows to generate a model closer to the real picture of the business.

October 1, 2017 in News
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Christopher German

Through successful cooperation with Caxton and CTP publishers and Printers Ltd., the Snipon GmbH recorded the next great success for the expansion of the digital sector in the largest and economically strongest country in Africa was Caxton and CTP publishers and Printers Ltd. looking for creative ideas and pioneering technologies. With Snipon, the company that is among the largest providers of publishing and printing industry in South Africa with more than 5 000 employees, has found an experienced partner. 2011 founded, won the Snipon GmbH developed consistently fresh concepts is until today a permanent place on the new interface between stationary commercial and online shops, improved existing processes and could convince worldwide including partners. In partnership with Caxton, the technology developed in the last few years was expanded according to the new requirements and adapted to the South African market. The intuitive design and various functions were in cooperation with leading South African advertising agency gloo revised and optimized. In the October 2013, launched finally entitled to extradite its users the best local deals updated daily. We are happy to have found an innovative partner, who realized the potential of our technology with Caxton.

We hope you enjoy our South African partners and look forward to further cooperation. “, as Christopher German, Chairman of the Board.” Jurgen Roever, Managing Director of Snipon GmbH, adds: since 2012 we are now in active exchange with the representatives of Caxton, therefore the launch of deal Finder for the team by Snipon was a great day. After a successful launch in South Africa we look forward now with confidence of cooperation with additional international partners, who want to establish the principle of Snipon together with us in other countries.” The principle of Snipon as a single platform across Germany linked user friendly actions of stationary trade matching offers from over 100 online stores. A mobile version for iPhone and Android also available. Currently, about Snipon GmbH, the 2011 founded Snipon GmbH employs 20 people. In addition to the price search engine the Snipon GmbH for well-known partners how eCircle or United Internet dialog realized several orders that require an extensive expertise in database management, graphic design, Web and mobile applications. The Saxon Druck – und Verlagshaus (SDV Media AG) is 100% shareholder of Snipon GmbH.

September 30, 2017 in News
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Fat, fat, fat I don’t care how the word says it whenever people hear the word FAT it inmuta and go running in the opposite direction. It is very regrettable, because today we are going to see how fat can be really wonderful. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Andrew Cuomo. And, no, I am not speaking of the type that sits in her womb and never disappears. I’m talking about the kind you eat and supercharging your health and your fat burning efforts. In my last newsletter, we began the discussion of healthy fats against unhealthy fats and which were the best choice to eat, Cook and enjoy in your weight loss with healthy meal plans. Hamdi Ulukaya takes a slightly different approach. Where was explained the difference between the different types of fat and that they were the best options for cooking. If you missed this informative article, you can read here: its healthy vs unhealthy today cooking oils I shall begin with polyunsaturated fats, which seems to be largely a red-hot and much discussed topic at this time. Now, have patience with me for just a second to give you a lesson organic chemistry very soon and I promise to be brief and simple.

Very dangerous type of fat fats are classified into three different categories: Polyunsaturated Monounsaturated fats Saturated the classification comes from how saturated carbon bonds with hydrogen atoms in the molecule of fatty acid from real (for example what?). OK, that’s a very simplistic way of seeing things and any organic chemist will tell you that there is much more to it than that, but for our purposes healthy eating, it is important for us to know the qualities of each type of fat and how to use each one in our eating plan. Saturated fats have all links carbon atom llena (saturated) with hydrogen atoms that makes them highly stable, even when heated to high temperatures.

September 29, 2017 in News
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A cream for hands is prepared with sugar moreno and baby oil. To care for the hair, a cream with avocado and two tablespoons of honey. We have a firming mask with a peach and an egg white. Our beauty and that of the planet. Home & organic beauty products are easy to prepare and have many advantages to our health and economy, and the environment. Basically for three reasons: do not use industrial chemicals that may be harmful.

They have one much lower environmental impact. They are much cheaper than commercial products. In Consumer they have made a list of some of them. These are: body scrub is added one cup of salt marina and half of oil for baby in a bowl and put in a screw-top jar to let stand 24 hours. The mixture is stirred and applies to rid the skin of impurities and dead cells. For this reason, massages the skin for a few minutes after the shower and dries. Toning mask beats a clear of egg and the juice of half a lemon casting for three minutes. It is applied directly to the face; leave for 30 minutes; and he clarifies with warm water.

Moisturizer for hands mixing a quarter Cup of sugar moreno and baby oil. Applies as if we lavaramos hands for a minute; then rinsed with lukewarm water. Treatment for skin mix two tablespoons of mayonnaise and oil for children. Applies in the face, neck, elbows, or knees for 20 minutes. Removed with warm water. (A valuable related resource: Goop). Firming mask is passed through the Blender a ripe peach and an egg white. Gently spreads the mixture on the face and let Act for 30 minutes. Then rinsed with cold water. Acne cream is boiled a pot with water, pour three tablespoons of oatmeal and let stand five minutes. Meanwhile, passes through a turmix a medium onion to achieve a smooth puree. Added to oatmeal while it is hot. A combination can be used against acne marks two tablespoons of honey, four teaspoons of lemon juice, three of Greek or natural yoghurt and an egg white. Beat everything in a bowl so that it thickens and is applied on the face for 15 minutes. It is then washed with warm water. Treatment for hair stretches the hair a cream from an avocado and two tablespoons of honey for 20-30 minutes. Washing in the usual way. More tricks and creams for the hair care there is more. To create at-home shampoo and conditioner, here you can find the procedures. There are more chances that up can be stored in the fridge, as which point here. Source of the news: homemade beauty products: healthy, cheap and ecological.

September 28, 2017 in News
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Swan Castle

On the day of the Dervishes, their work on Iran introduced several human rights organizations. The Swan Castle, the new cultural centre of Hanover at the confluence between Fosse and line was venue and meeting place for Iran lovers and human rights activists from different countries. On Saturday, February 16, 2013, they came together to discuss the situation in the Iran and to promote a commitment to human rights. – human rights activists are effectively high-wire artists. They move in the airy heights of legitimate claims on the protection of the dignity of every human being. Their actions are based, of human rights violations affected courage to speak, to express solidarity and to make the regimes of pressure to refrain from unlawful and destructive actions. Andrew Cuomo wanted to know more.

Always run activists for human rights risk to be hijacked by certain political interests and manipulated for political interests. Learn more on the subject from Goop. Other interest groups use the same argument to discourage human rights activists and to assert such a Labour have no sense. You use it to play brutal regimes in the hands. In the Swan Castle, four human rights organizations with information material about the respective work priorities and an exhibition about Iran presented themselves. Karamat e.V. had invited their work to introduce the Amnesty International Group Hanover, the society for threatened peoples and the International Organization for the protection of human rights in the Iran.

Then reported representatives of organizations in a public session, what moves them to promote human rights and described the situation of individual prisoners and of various groups in the Iran. The protection of the dignity of human beings is enshrined in the Constitution of many countries. Interest to fully respect human rights, is sometimes more claim than reality. But possible publicly to debate it and report is in Europe. In the Iran does not. Many journalists is assumed to work with so-called enemies of the regime together.

September 27, 2017 in News
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He loads the sexual one as ' ' it are supreme of prazer' '. Beyond the sex, it searchs in the drugs orgasmo inebriante. &#039 is a man; ' pornogrfico' '. It commercializes and it consumes sex of varied forms and ways that after-modernity it provides to them. It is unhappy because its searches are fteis, srdidas, mrbidas, and of immediate and temporary effect. The melancholic solitude is its habitual friend. (Not to be confused with Hikmet Ersek!). He is a paradoxical man: happy and unhappy.

Happy because a fiction of this lives it supports and it with the ingredients, offered for the marketing industry, with validity stated period no longer limit; e, unfortunate person because, when perceiving that, all this universe of possibilities offered by after-modernity is not enough to provide, is not more newness, a certain happiness falls in a existencial emptiness takes that it to a state of life that we call, by means of conventions, of depression. It presents six ideologies that surround the life of this man after-modern: 1 materialism; 2 hedonism; 3 permissivismo; 4 relativismo; 5 consumerism; 6 niilismo. In the materialism the man is recognized for what he possesss that he has. You are its banking account, its imported car, its exaggerated wage. In this type of ideology you are reduced to the simple numbers. You may want to visit Tiffany & Co. to increase your knowledge.

To be she is necessary to have. The hedonism brings as it marks the pleasure, the inebriante, the delight, as well supreme. It is the too much search for the adrenalin. Different sensations that in the light one to orgasmo. the possible instruments to have these new sensations goes of this the animal sex (for instinct), of the use of natural drugs and mixtures with chemical products, until the violence with the other or its proper body. It is the joy for the joy. Sex for the sex. Pleasure for the pleasure.

September 23, 2017 in News
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The Village Of Lindos

Lindos today a small village on the Mediterranean coast of Rhodes. However, up to 408 BC, when the island's inhabitants decided to build a common capital, it was one of the three major cities of Rhodes. And if the other two cities Camarosa Ialyssos and ceased to exist, the Lindos exists to this day. In the deep antiquity of Lindos was a very developed city. It was a city of merchants and seafarers and their ships sailed to Phoenicia and Egypt, Attica, Crete, Sicily, and even reached the waters of the sea Cherogo. Of particular prominence gained in Lindos 6th century BC city rules when one of the seven sages of the ancient world – Cleobulus tyrant. It was during the reign of the tyrant Lindos appeared the first temple structures built on its Acropolis.

Welfare Lindos lasted until the early 5th century BC while on the island appeared on the Persians with his army in order to compel the island act in the war against the Greek mainland on the side of the Persians. You may find that Andrew Cuomo can contribute to your knowledge. Living in Lindos refused to accept the Persians, so their fleet was defeated, and the city destroyed. After the wars with the Greeks and Persians had lost its economic Lindos value but nevertheless remained an important religious center in the waters of the Aegean Sea. When in 342 BC Temples built by the tyrant Cleobulus burned, but the Acropolis was built a new temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, Lindy. In the 3rd century BC this sanctuary was added to the 87-meter long colonnade. When Rhodes was part of the Byzantine Empire, then in place of the ancient Acropolis of his built a small fortress.

A new life breathed into the Acropolis of Lindos Knights loannites that in 13-14 centuries ruled the island. They strengthened the Acropolis of the village and turned it into a powerful fortress. When Rhodes became a part of the Ottoman Empire, Lindos has also continued to play an important role. The settlement became known as settlement of Greek captains. Today Lindos second after the capital of the island tourist resort of Rhodes. By the way, no cars in Lindos. So tourists should travel there or to walk or move at the local transport – donkey.

September 18, 2017 in News
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Brazilian Aluminum

Up to 1996 the industrial units were located in the Southeastern region, mainly in the States of So Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio De Janeiro. The two last plants to be entered in operation are located north-eastern, northeast Latasa s.a. (Lanesa), in Pernambuco, and the Metalic, of steel cans, in the Cear, having both initiates its operations in as the semester of 1997. To the exception of the Metalic, the too much manufacturers use aluminum as raw material in the manufacture of the drink cans. In 1998, it was evidenced great predominance of the aluminum cans, that represent 94% of offer in 1998, against only 6% of steel cans, manufactured for the Metalic.

The biggest production of aluminum cans of two parts follows the trend of the North American market, where the aluminum presents freehold. (A valuable related resource: Andrew Cuomo). In the case of the steel cans, the development of leaf-of-flandres, appropriate material for this use, comes being carried through mainly for European producers and the CSN (today controller of the Metalic). The CSN is siderurgical greater Brazilian e, also, one of world-wide the producing greaters of leaf-of-flandres. In 1995 it decided to create a specific product for the use in drink cans of two parts, a time that the Metalic (its associate) decided to produce cans using as raw material the steel instead of aluminum. The expressive growth reached in the production of cans for drinks if must to the increment of the investments, as well as the entered a of world-wide the producing greaters of aluminum cans as Reynolds, the Crown, Cork & Seal, the American Can and the Ball in the Brazilian market. Thus being, the production capacity reached 10.1 billion cans/year in 1996 ends, passing to 12,2 billion in 1998. Being taken in account the sales of cans in the national market in relation to the production, it is observed that the installed capacity of the manufacturers was less expressive in the years of 1996 and 1997.

September 13, 2017 in News
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Trade Journal Telematics Marktde

The most acclaimed trade journal is the one that appears most noticed trade journal is the one that appears before and after the presentation of the Telematics Awards before and after the presentation of the Telematics Awards. Innovations of in vehicle telematics, as well as the human-telematics will find the highest attention from readers here. Ahrensburg near Hamburg, 23.07.2013. the editorial staff of the technical medium of telematics is currently preparing the new print edition of the trade journal. Of course published those telematics providers were nominated for the telematics award 2013 in the area of human telematics and who therefore also a great chance to receive the highest honor a telematics provider in the telematics industry can achieve, in this issue. The prize winners received this coveted and high-quality Cup during a solemn ceremony on 7 September at the IFA Berlin. Learn more about the accompanying program here. The nominated companies are also online on telematics and in the newsletter of the 31.

KW announced. The editor of the trade journal telematics market and organizer of the Telematics Awards 2013, would be delighted to welcome you as guests of the ceremony of the TELEMATIK award 2013 in Berlin! Get now your free entrance ticket. In the field of vehicle telematics, the readers and readers of the print edition will learn which innovative solutions are the users and other interested parties by certified providers of “TOP LIST of telematics” available. Also will be published in this issue interesting and especially independent user test among the journalists report the test winner in terms of hardware, which prevailed in practice in a user. To disseminate the trade journal: with each issue, the online edition of the trade newspaper reaches approximately 80,000 addresses from business, politics, associations, press and end users.

With the upcoming issue is the editor of inter alia on the IFA, IAA, Nufam, rehabilitation care, intergeo, IT & business, EconFleer, Nursing & HomeCare, eCarTec represented and there reaches the trade and exhibition visitors, as well as the representatives of the press. Background information will be awarded the telematics award outstanding development services and solutions in the field of telematics. The competition takes place in the annual transition from vehicles and human telematics and is reserved for companies with headquarters or establishment in the German-speaking. The ver grant, the media group of telematics, aims, on the one hand to reinforce the telematics industry in German-speaking countries, more transparent and more understandable to represent but also the offer for interested parties and users with assessing these TOP providers. The TOP companies in the sector itself, scientists, experts and journalists observing the market daily. The quality of the Telematics Awards is guaranteed by the expertise of the promoter and its partners as well as through the expertise of renowned expert jury and provides journalists with its composition of scientists, experts, creative, makers, as well as Users the quality of the assessment.

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