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Origin of Names

February 23, 2018 in News Tags: , ,

Name – is not just a collection of letters, given the parents. Name – a combination of letters, which we hear every day many many times. Perhaps check out Josh Wexler for more information. The name has its own power, has its own color and scent. That is what distinguishes us from other people and at the same time together. Every day we encounter hundreds of people with different names. At birth, a person must receive a name. At all times, indulged in the name of great importance.

For example, the Indians were given names in honor of the animals. It was believed that if the baby will be named in honor of the bison, he would be as fast and strong. And if he will name in honor of the eagle, he will grow wise and watchful. The Orthodox Christian name is given in honor of the saint of God. As a rule, parents name the child after the saint who honored their family. Or he is given the name of the saint whose feast day is very close to the day of your birth. And when in the sacrament of baptism we are called name, saint God, in whose honor we have received your name, protect and guide us on the right path.

On behalf of a person depends on his character, behavior, outlook, relationships with others – our whole life is connected with the name. Some names are given man power and confidence, while others – the softness and sensuality. It is well known and proved that for any person naisladchayshim sound on earth is the sound of his own name. By the way, psychologists are advised to more often in conversation is called a man by the name – then he becomes at the same time quite tame. Try to follow the advice, find out what is the name of

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