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Open Source Software

September 11, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Open source software for everyone whether private or business used the famous as well as popular operating system Android for mobile phones is just in the fresh version 4.0 of talk – and is a testament to the success of reaching the open source software programs can. Nevertheless, continue to trust most people in the IT environment in commercial products. It must be not necessarily bad, but a look outside the box is usually well rewarded with interesting alternatives. What is open source? Who translated the English term in the German language, to get a fairly accurate answer on this question. Programs are open source software applications, whose source – oder also source code – is exposed. This means that any person with an Internet connection can download this source code and look at.

The Otto ordinary consumer can do nothing with this code, because in-depth knowledge in the area of programming are required. For those people who know this, the source code is however much more than a collection tasteless hieroglyphics. You can draw conclusions on the functioning of the programme and make even improvements if necessary and sufficient skill. What open source software is there programs? Open source is represented at all levels of the program. Tiny applications that perform very simple tasks, Media Player for playing videos and music to all operating systems – the various Linux distributions are probably the most prominent example – no limits programming open source programs. However, there is a big difference between open source software and freeware although in common parlance often both programme categories are mixed.

Open source must be not free and is not programmed by hobby programmers in their spare time. Of the mentioned Linux distributions around some big corporations are supported – mostly by monetary means for the programmer. What are the benefits of software programs open source? In the normal case, open source applications are a safer alternative, which can be just for corporate Web sites and operators of Internet shops of preference. The reason is not that the programmers of open source programs are generally better or more thoroughly do their work, but that has any insight into the source code. So potentially critical errors in this code be found very quickly and can be resolved mostly also as quickly. In sensitive software environments, security plays a really extraordinary role – for example, in the management of customer data for the mentioned operators of Internet shops-, open source is therefore a very serious alternative to established programs. Conclusion are open source software programs the panacea for companies and individuals alike? Well, a miracle cure is not movement of course of the opensource. Just the service at commercial products is usually better than the free distributed open source alternatives. Yet everyone should try out open source software programs, whether in a commercial or private environment – got to lose, there is certainly nothing.

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