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One Ring To Rule Them All

June 6, 2016 in News

From dark darkness of programming, we are offered colored beads that we are connected. Do from absolute individuality, lock? I in our? rooms, or outdoor free but hooked to a keyboard, we live, we breathe, we thrilled in the cloud, on the network, from the network. Who organized the virtual world are well aware of it, and just as in the real world they need legions of surfers so that engrilletados to their oars, remen and make them go far and become rich. The new galley slaves do not earn but the illusion of being free, being connected (do connected to what?), thinking that their opinions, just that this article, will serve for something, and that finally can communicate and have one minute of glory on the network. In addition to thinking already can flirt, get excited and up to intercourse anonymously.

Big mistake. Those who watch, scheduled, create spaces and networks that we introduce our data, know more than us that we ourselves. Refers to the dark side of search engines, those that allow to another that you type your username and goes to a photo they had hung somewhere (and already do not remember because you have visited so many places). Suddenly in your mailbox have an e-mail that tells you that you send advertising because know you like Blue cars, and ask yourself how does this company know my tastes?. You walk into pages that swear that they do not put cookies, i.e. trackers, digital perdigueros dogs for not losing the piece and able to hunt better the next time. and your naively das to accept the terms and conditions of use without reading because you want to make management as soon as possible at the end of the process, at the end of the day, your data, your life, your photos, your tastes and your emotions up to have left them voluntarily in the hands of not you know who! This situation that far from disappearing increases, above all by the credulity in the network and systems that swear that they are safe, the ideal is to be on guard and avoid being caught by siren voices.Every time there is more darkness to find out who is behind every online initiative. When you buy, you don’t know to whom it belongs in reality the company, when you say something you don’t know well where they are saved and stored all these opinions, when you chat or relate you networked with others you don’t know if behind that account, that avatar is who they say they.

If in your life in off line, in your real life, do not leave the door of your open house, not you lend your mobile phone or your notebook, protect your MP3, not get anyone in your room, do not share your car, do not give your mobile phone to any number, and invitations to your home are selective. by that do not apply the minimum network security standards? Don’t let that everybody knows everything it, unless you’re an exhibitionist. More is not better and in the case of security a basic rule is that if you don’t share it, nobody knows, because the data is in your head and the keyboard in your hands. YOU decide how often you want to ring.

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