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Nicholas Van Orton

April 6, 2014 in News Tags: ,

The result met our expectations: The first game took place in Minsk in 2001 gave us to understand that these relationships for life. In fact, often ask how the idea the game. So they say and so, I say, riding in the bus (I, too, they once went!) and came up with. Of course this excuse, I actually rode in the bus, but the word "invented" is a myriad of things … I remembered before recension movie "The Game" with Michael Douglas in the title role (and a successful world-weary-billionaire banker Nicholas Van Orton gets from her brother a birthday unusual gift – a game.

Rate it – the player's life, and the rules and the goal is not known). I thought about what this game can be made available for everyone, with the only difference is that participants must know what they are: life's still not a movie, a bad fall from a skyscraper not to repeat … and if seriously, it's nothing new I did not invent. Cars, Internet and mobile communications have appeared long ago, could only make out of these ingredients is an acute and extreme cocktails – such is the game "Encounter". Not a fact at this that no one else at the same time, back in 2001, no longer came to the same idea in his head. But I just do not let it go. "Since then started indiscriminate spread of game under different names: Quest, Auto-Quest, Watch, DzzzR, Zarnitsa, Fuss, Night City, MAD project, Dash, etc.

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