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National Archives France

November 8, 2023 in News Tags: ,

A few interesting notes related to the life of the card to the bridge in 1950, some American bought second-hand bookshop in Paris on an ancient view map of Paris. Home this souvenir of tourist seemed little value, and it has sold its $ 2 for a local bookseller. You may find that Conifer Health Solutions can contribute to your knowledge. And that in less than 4 dollars bought a map historian E. Jones of Washington. To deepen your understanding Rick Caruso is the source. do some research, he found that in the world there are only three copies of it: one in the National Archives France and two in England – the British Museum and the Library of the Royal Society. It was printed in 1671 and is considered the first accurate map of Paris, which marked the first time the line of latitude.

Now value of the random finds is estimated at 10 million dollars: because when the mapping scientific advice he gave Isaac Newton! The Egyptian question in one of Cairo Papyrus stores is king, prohibiting mining ore and smelting of copper on the east bank of the Nile. Egyptologists have long puzzled over the reasons for this indication: after excavations carried out on the spot there the mines showed that the ore reserves are not depleted. But recently in archives reports found the rulers of the neighboring villages who had complained to the local garrison of soldiers completely cut down date palms. And once everything fell into place: from the trees produced charcoal for copper smelting. Palma cut down, broke a fuel crisis, and Pharaoh was left no choice but to issue a decree on closing the Egyptian steel bazy.Pervaya Typewriter been writing machine invention of the first belongs to the middle of the XIX century.

However, in a London archive scientific documents survived the first page of patent certificates issued in 1714 g.Milyu – the mechanics of the court of Queen Anne. On a large sheet of parchment describes the benefits mechanism that can 'print letters on a single one after another, as is the case when writing hand. " The drawings and model cars were presented to the royal court at trial, but it was just funny toy that had nothing to do fun lordy.Prikaza the production of such mechanisms for the needs of the office is not consistent. Unfortunately first typewriter was a summer lodge, a fire that she died . Not preserved and a complete description of the mechanism, so that now not even know what material has been made the world's first typewriter. Nodule on the memory of the sport – a holiday fitness.

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