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October 13, 2013 in News Tags:

The musk is the commercial name of a fragrance that many years is present in the history of mankind. The origin of this particular essence found in the glands rate, close to the genitals of a very particular variety of deer originating in central Asia: the musk deer. Musk, such is the name of the substance that these animals excreted, is the active ingredient that gives this essence that particular aroma: sweet and warm and long durability. How to extract this active principle carried these musk deer almost to extinction. Other varieties of animals of which musk is extracted are the muskox, musk duck and up the muskrat. Certain Woods also produce a similar odor, such as muskrat wood of the Guyanas. The procedure is somewhat cruel: it kills the animal, and the gland is completely removed. Then allowed to dry in the Sun on a hot stone, or dip it into boiling oil.

Pure musk has a pungent smell, almost unbearable for humans, but because in perfumes, in small doses, will generate long lasting perfumes, and an unmistakable aroma. The popularity of the musk is that supposedly, it’s an aphrodisiac. The reality is that in animals, musk is a substance that triggers the animal response of females. Human beings have used this active principle since time immemorial, not only in perfumes, but in oils that are used in the practice of tantric yoga. It is also used in aromatherapy, i.e.

healing of diseases through odors. Chinese or Tibetan musk is the most precious. It is packaged in tiny artisanal vessels, richly decorated with filigree. They are sealed under vacuum to preserve the scent. Musk is extremely powerful. With a single gram it is possible to sweeten million cubic meters of air, and their fragrance stays for days and days. Musk contributes with its strength and its presence to the fragrances of plant origin, why is so popular in the industry perfume, being present in a variety of brands of perfumes. A perfume that has within its bouquet to this essential oil is Amor Amor from Cacharel. The Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte loved perfumes based on musk, and often used it to seduce her husband.

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