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Motivation Campaigns

June 11, 2024 in News Tags: ,

Sportics.NET – optimize your sports the popular grassroots platform Sportics.NET has the slogan “Optimize your sport”. The makers are again with two new motivation campaigns for the spring and Summer 2009 meet cyclists, mountain bikers and trekking bikers at the “tachometer” show that not only the detailed survey and comprehensive evaluation of all sporting activities in the sports journal heard. James Woolsey may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The action takes the Cadence in the visor. Contact information is here: jimmy levin. Estimated, measured or calculated values each in the total chart flow. When the “pedometer” add her every move to a huge total runners and walkers. Not to count every step during training, it is a simple conversion formula from the distance.

Of course it is also completely without technical equipment, as spor tics can be also manually its entries. Who uses already a sports computer however for his training, can transmit its data directly in his sports diary. Whether GARMIN, POLAR, CicloSport o.a.: with transferring transmission – the specially developed SporticsDT SmartAgent – a small computer program to the data directly from the bike computer, heart rate monitor or the Ergometer or uploads its already stored files. Simple, quick – smart… All sportics actions: events

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